Great new marketing podcast [LunchBreak Marketing]

Hey everyone,

I’d love to take this time to introduce you to a great new marketing & design podcast featuring me, Jason Marlowe, and Zack Tatum, my friend, and business partner. The podcast is called LunchBreak Marketing and we release a new episode every Tuesday. The premise of the show is simple: every week, we get together (at lunch) to discuss marketing and design.

Both Zack and I are heavily involved in digital marketing through our day jobs and through Market House, our joint marketing venture. Likewise, we also have strong backgrounds in design. Zack’s experience is more in graphic design and printing, while my background is more in website design with some graphic design.

We’ve already recorded about 10 episodes and the podcast is available for download over on the LunchBreak Marketing website. Or, better yet, you can subscribe to our podcast through iTunes, Google Play, or anywhere else you listen to podcasts. We’d love it if you gave the show a listen and give us some feedback. Find us on social media or leave a comment here or on the LunchBreak website.

So far, we’ve had some great conversations.

In the first episode, we featured a few points from our newest Ebook: 10 Steps to Explosive Facebook Growth. This ebook was part of a case study I did after my time as an in-house social media manager for a local hospitality brand where I grew their Facebook reach from just 7,000 Fans to over 120,000 Fans. When it comes to social media, it’s all about settings goals, measuring successes, knowing your targets, and having a budget to be seen.

In episodes 2 & 3, we discuss a few of our recent blog posts and expand on them to make them more comprehensive. Zack and I talk about the misconceptions surrounding being a designer, as well as the current state of marketing and the new breed of consumer all thanks to the Internet.

We’ve also speculated about the future of marketing jobs and what changes we foresee. The podcast also has some great interviews planned too. We are interviewing Michael Barber, of barber&hewitt, who will be speaking to us about how to make email great again. The story of how we met Michael is kind of funny, so be sure to listen to that one.


Zack and I have some great connections with some super cool marketing people and we’re super excited to have them on the show. Besides Michael Barber, we’re also looking forward to bringing you interviews with other email marketing pros, some true SEO experts, a marketing automation consultant who also owns a really sweet email web app platform and the VP of our favorite WordPress hosting company. Obviously, we can’t give out super specific details until we nail down the interviews, but just get ready for some great talks.

Remember, find us on social media, subscribe, comment, review, and show us some love. If you have any ideas or recommendations, we’d love to hear those too! We appreciate the support as we begin this new venture.

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