Hypergrowth Recap

Hypergrowth will be THE conference to attend in 2018

If you were one of those poor, unfortunate souls who missed today’s Hypergrowth event in Boston, then you missed THE new conference of 2017.

Here’s why:

Hypergrowth 2017 was the first conference of many for Drift, a conversation-driven marketing and sales platform. This startup is only showing signs of growth growth growth, so we can expect to see much more Hypergrowth in the future. David Cancel, Drift’s CEO, challenged Hypergrowth showrunner & Drift Marketing Director, Dave Gerhardt, to continually grow and push the boundaries of what the 33rd floor of 60 State Street could accommodate.


Beyond their goals of hypergrowth to blow out attendance for the first year of their event, this conference was just different than most. Here’s 5 reasons why I Drift was different and why I’ll be back in 2018:

1. Hypergrowth was a 1-day event on 1 stage

  • It was only a 1-day event, but the schedule and lineup were PACKED with wisdom.
  • There was just 1 stage. Sure, there were an estimated 1,400 guests registered for the event, but the speakers flowed across just 1 stage today. This was PERFECT. For other conferences that I attend regularly, like Digital Summit, I always feel like I’m missing something because there are 4-5 talks going on simultaneously across 2 days.

2. The mix felt fresh

When I go to a marketing or leadership conference, I’m often faced with a steady stream of industry-specific speakers, who talk on very high levels and spend most of their time speaking, instead of doing.

  • Hypergrowth was different. Hypergrowth featured a balanced mix of marketing, brand, and sales leaders along with a powerful mix of motivational & inspirational speakers, like Brogan Graham (November Project) and Nastia Liukin (Olympic Medalist).
  • Check out my responses to their sessions:


3. They’re always thinking about the user

Hypergrowth is just an event, but Drift treated it like they were readying a new product for market. Beyond just collecting an amazing lineup of speakers, Drift partnered with Helpful to bring an entirely new experience to Q&A.

  • Question and answer time with speakers usually ends up 1 of 2 ways: it’s crammed into the 15 minutes between speakers and you usually don’t get to ask your question OR it’s included in the session, but you never get picked to ask your question. Either way, you have questions that don’t get answered.
  • Drift took this problem and fixed it with the application of Helpful, the team video communication app. Attendees were/are able to ask questions from today’s speakers through the app. No waiting. No frustration. Just simple video/text communication between yourself and the speaker.


4. It was hosted by Drift

This is obvious but true. Drift was the host, but they are a very different company.

  • They do things differently. They got rid of forms to gate content. They have a freemium product that’s honestly so great, you should feel bad for not being on one of their paid tiers.
  • They had a DJ on the stage. DJs at conferences aren’t a new thing, but he was on the stage and part of the Hypergrowth experience.


5. The attendees were real

Throughout the day, I connected with a few people on Twitter that I met at the event, as well as some others who were tweeting about Hypergrowth. Because I’m in marketing, I connect with other folks in marketing – makes sense, right? Well, here’s something I noticed that was different about the people I followed at Hypergrowth:

  • The attendees were real and not selling their souls by using garbage automated DMs.
  • Not a single person I’ve connected with from Hypergrowth in the last 2-3 days replied to my follow with an auto DM. It was amazing and made me proud to be a part of the Drift/Hypergrowth community.


I’ll see you at #HYPERGROWTH18

For all these reasons, I’m already excited for Hypergrowth next year. I met awesome people, reconnected with others, and enjoyed a lineup of truly inspirational speakers. Hypergrowth is a new breed of conference from a new kind of company. Drift is all about making the experience better and they nailed it – right out of the gate. Congratulations to the entire team at Drift and I look forward to hanging with you in Boston again next year.

Some of my favorite tweets from #HYPERGROWTH17:


Yeah, that last one’s mine, but I thought it was funny and it was BLAZING hot in there.

Did I miss any of your favorites? Why did you love Hypergrowth? Are you a Drift user too? Let’s connect!

Want more Drift? Check out the interview we did with Dave Gerhardt on my podcast, LunchBreak Marketing.

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