Facebook Call To Action Button

For those with Facebook business pages, the call to action button is a handy little feature that deserves its own recognition. Although the Facebook Call to Action Button is limited in terms of customization, simply activating the feature adds great potential value to your page.


Even though you can’t yet create custom calls to action, you should be able to find an option that suits your needs from the nine available calls to action. With phrases like Shop Now, Sign Up and Book Now, you can begin using your CTA button to drive marketing efforts.

Promoting your Facebook Call to Action

With the combined effort of A/B testing, a few marketing dollars, and link tracking, you can really unleash the full potential of this handy little button. Personally, I use Facebook Ads to not only determine which images work best for social ads, but also which images resonate the most with my target demographics. This is especially helpful for marketing collateral and designs outside of the social space. For example, Facebook A/B testing allows us to better choose images for OOH advertising, banner ads, posters and much more.

With a carefully selected image, we are ready to promote our call to action button. In the sample below, you can see how you can take your Facebook business page CTA to the next level by turning it into a display ad.


With some clever copy, a great picture, and a relatively small daily budget, I was able to boost the click through rate on one company’s call to action button by over 2000% in just 3 days. Your customers are out there and promoting your Facebook call to action button is just one way for them to see your message.

Remember, with Facebook you have to pay to play and even a small budget can make an impact. Be sure to target your audience well so that your promotion is seen by the right people. Get as detailed as you want or be very specific, but just remember to set your audience! Defining a target location, interests, age, and gender are the core to a strong promotion.