Digital Connectivity

My trade and focus is in marketing. But, more than that, I focus on digital connectivity. The internet lives at the center of our lives and drives connectivity between businesses, customers and the world itself. As marketers, it’s our job to connect our customers with their audiences and with the world of digital connectivity, we have an ever-expanding platform in which to reach audiences and connect with them in ways never before possible.


Social media is the new tool of marketers. Creating, maintaining and evolving a social presence is not only necessary, but vital in growing a business now. The one constant in the world of business is that word of mouth is one of the largest touch-points and selling points for businesses. People, when faced with a buying decision, rely greatly on the feedback from friends, family and those who have gone before. This fact has not changed. The conversation has simply moved online. And, your network of influencers has grown greatly.

By harnessing the world of digital connectivity, our job as marketers and advertisers has opened into an unbelievable space of opportunity. With a unending supply of data from analytics that tells us where the customer is from, their habits and demographics, and so much more, we are able to provide a much more personal connection for less cost. By targeting very specific campaigns, marketing becomes so much more focused and precise, thus allowing for greater return on the investment.


Most new marketers and companies have trouble with the world beyond analytics. The new world of digital connectivity creates so much more than opportunities to digitally market products directly to consumers. It tells you where they live and in turn where to market to them physically. Taking analytics beyond the spreadsheets and tables allows your to further focus your efforts on OOH Advertising, or our-of-home advertising: most notably billboards.

I am the first to promote the power of digital and social media advertising, but I also believe you need further touch-points to connect with customers. Utilize your data from website traffic and social media marketing efforts to select prime OOH ad spaces. This reinforces your brand by populating the ad space where they live or work.

According to U.S. Census data, most American spend an average of 25.5 minutes commuting one-way daily. You can round that off to a nice hour commute each day depending on traffic. That’s a solid hour of opportunity to connect with customers outside their home. This is a prime opportunity to look at your current digital customer traffic and research high-traffic areas in and around those areas.


The most user-friendly way of tracking website traffic is Google Analytics. And, best of all, it’s free. You can also gain very valuable data through Facebook Advertising. By promoting posts on your brand’s Facebook page for even a few bucks each day, you can get terrific and usable data for future campaigns. In my opinion, there is no better platform than Facebook for connecting brands and customers. Facebook is a beast. It’s huge, it’s powerful and it can do some amazing tricks. If you’re smart, you’ll use it.

In my opinion, there is no better platform than Facebook for connecting brands and customers.

With Google Analytics and Facebook Ads at your fingertips, you’ll go far. You can connect with customers, find new ones you didn’t know were there and you’ll definitely¬†gain greater insight in how to spend your marketing budget.

Go forth and be productive.