Back in the shirt business

Back in late 2008, I found Shirt.Woot and their weekly Derby, or t-shirt contest. I hadn’t spent much time with my drawing tablet and my skills were super basic. I tried for a while to win and got close a few times, but my interests moved on to other things and this faded away. Flash forward to mid-2018 and I have a wonderful wife, 2 kiddos, and a busy life. I found the Derby again and started to draw again. Same Wacom Bamboo tablet as before and it felt great to draw again.

But, disaster struck in January 2019 and my tablet finally gave up the ghost as they say. It took some saving and planning, but I’ve upgraded to an iPad for drawing and I’m competing in the weekly Derbies again! 🎉

This week, I have 2 submissions: Double Jeopardy and Settlers of The Stars. The theme is movie + game mashup and while I had tons of good ideas from family and friends for other designs, these were all I had time for. And besides, the garage isn’t going to clean itself this weekend. lol

Double Jeopardy


Settlers of The Stars


Thanks everyone!

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