Digital Connectivity

My trade and focus is in marketing. But, more than that, I focus on digital connectivity. The internet lives at the center of our lives and drives connectivity between businesses, customers and the world itself. As marketers, it’s our job to connect our customers with their audiences and with the world of digital connectivity, we have an ever-expanding platform in which to reach audiences and connect with them in ways never before possible. Continue reading

facebook local awareness ads

Facebook Local Awareness Ads

While not every business has a storefront, most businesses do rely on some amount of local traffic for their business to survive. As a marketer, you have the ability to promote to a very specific area & to a specific set of people. With Facebook Local Awareness Ads, the task of marketing to locals is streamlined. It still requires A/B testing and a working knowledge of your demographic, but the ability to TRULY TARGET locals is amazing.  Continue reading


Top 5 Reasons Why Google Project Fi Will Revolutionize the World

This is not one of my typical posts about marketing or social media, but it is most definitely about connectivity.

In mid-June, I signed up for a staggering new Google venture called Project Fi, which is a technology that combines Wi-Fi and 4G LTE service from T-Mobile and Sprint to deliver a new type of cellular service. While this is no moonshot project that has Google developers off pioneering self-driving cars and contact lenses with wireless chips inside, Project Fi promises a new world of possibilities.

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